• Learning is a source of happiness

    Learning is a source of happiness


Under development

Currently there are a number of new products in the pipeline. We are working hard on them. Long-term projects, from the idea up till the introduction on the market.

In the course of those projects we pass through a number of fascinating stations: brainstorming, research and studies, selection of partners (each with their own specializations), design, determining the product name, multiple test series (both internal and external), market research, duration tests, designing prototypes, documentation, marketing and market launch. If the knowledge is not available in-house we use the services of specialized peer companies.

For that purpose VRM is a member of various national and regional innovation collectives.

Which are the projects we are working on right now?


PROJECT – Development continuous perforation.
Our engineers are developing a new type of perforation, resulting in one helical saw cut in the environmental monitoring pipes. Thus, a continuous perforation whereby the challenge is to maintain the stability of the tubes. For this we made a slightly modified extrusion tube with ribs on the inside. Hightech, skill and experience come together here. An interesting development. The purpose is to finally create a much larger filter surface in each monitoring pipe. We are sure that this will succeed! Just be patient…

PROJECT – Setting up our own test center
Because we certainly are not blind to technical developments to improve our well screens and environmental protection filters even further, our technicians recently started to set up our own test center where soon pipes and perforation techniques will be tested. Where the effect of the temperature on the perforation process will be measured and where speed, inclination, type of saws, accuracy, rotation, cooling, pressure and other elements in all varieties and combinations will be viewed and measured, so as to learn and to enhance our knowledge. Here, everything will be recorded in detail and the proper interplay between man, machine and material described.

PROJECT – Development of the LevelLog
Advanced technology & knowledge combined in one measuring unit which is placed on the monitoring pipe and measures the changing water levels for a longer period of time. The measuring data are logged in the LevelLog and can be read and represented periodically by means of a tablet or a laptop. The logged measuring data can be presented directly in graphical or tabular form and in an Excel file. VRM expects to introduce te LevelLog to the market mid 2013.

PROJECT – Development and construction of a perforation machine for continuous helical perforation

PROJECT – Setting up own test center for perforation techniques

PROJECT – Development of a new connection of large well screens

PROJECT – Development of a fully biodegradable monitoring pipe

PROJECT – Automation bottom assembly in monitoring filters and dewatering filters
Of course there is more! Unfortunately not yet ready for publication..
We recommend you to regularly visit this site so as to stay informed about the state of affairs!

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