• Learning is a source of happiness

    Learning is a source of happiness



You may take it from us that we like no one else recognize the daily practice anyone who works professionally in the environmental sector has to deal with. Product developers at VRM have been working for many years to offer blueprint solutions for imperfections in existing materials and to develop new working methods. In this process experiences of the end users are essential. For that reason they maintain close contact with the occupational group and continuously detect questions, wishes or shortcomings.

The expertise of VRM-development is to offer tailored solutions which often lead to pioneering product innovations. In these processes VRM has a proactive approach with an understanding for problems but also with the intention to only develop useful innovations. For that we can be trusted by now. After many years we can boast of a large dose of knowledge, skill and experience. So as to achieve real innovations VRM always applies the following criteria:

  • The idea must be feasible and a welcome improvement of existing materials and/or methods.
  • The best technologies and current findings should be incorporated in the new product.
  • The development and production should preferably be sustainable. Energy saving measures and the use of sustainable raw materials are major preconditions.
  • The quality should meet the strictest standards of our own quality assurance.
  • Product innovations should be user-friendly to a high degree. This increases efficiency.

In short: we do not develop for the sake of developing. We only innovate to serve practice. In the past few years this has resulted in various unique articles and products. Some of them will be presented below on this website.

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